Разберём-ка забавное видео с Чарли Ханэмом.

Посмотрела его утром и решила поподробнее остановиться на лексике, раз есть немного свободного времени. Итак, найденные вкусняшки:

1. - Where were you?
- I was all over the place, but …

2. I had a series of pretty significant health issues

Какие еще прилагательные можно использовать с “health issues”?Mental/public/sexual/specific/seniors’/general

3. strep throat – ангина

4. And then I got bitten by a mosquito and CONTRACTED dengue fever

Syn: catch
Contracted the disease/polio

5. It was kind of CONFOUNDING  (поражать, ставить в тупик, приводить в смущение) cause I kind of PRIDE MYSELF ON having IMPECCABLE personal hygiene.

Confounding factor/effect
Impeccable (perfect) manners/service/logic/qualifications

6. I don’t know the INS AND OUTS of dengue fever.

Ins and outs of (all the exact details of a complicated situation, problem, system) the matter/business

7. I went camping and I got a deer TICK that BURROWED into my leg

Tick – клещ

8. The PERINEUM is that sweet piece of NO MAN’S LAND between the anus and the SCROTUM.

no man's land – нейтральная зона,
perineum and scrotum переводите сами, полезные слова, которые каким-то образом обходили меня стороной до 28 лет.

9. I realized I was UNDER SIEGE from YELLOW JACKETS.

Under siege from – под осадой
yellow jackets – ocы

10. So I TOOK OFF RUNNING, as any, you know, heroic figure would. I took off sprinting through the forest

Took off running – бросился бежать

11. I realized at that moment I was actually inside a RECURRING nightmare. I for many years had had this recurring dream that I was sprinting FOR MY LIFE naked in a forest.

Recurring (повторяющиеся) events/charges/costs/problems

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