Если вы хотите освежить воспоминания о Present Simple, то в этой статье есть грамматика с примерами из фильма "Фантастические твари и где они обитают"!

A. Глагол "to be"

Задание №1. Впишите правильную форму глагола to be. Возможны только такие варианты:
am   is   are   am not   isn't   aren't

1. I [am] a student.
2. [Are] you OK?
3. She [isn't] here today.(not)
4. It [is] really cold in here.
5. We [are] flatmates.
6. They [are] not Japanese!

B. Present Simple с другими глаголами

Задание №2. Вставьте вместо пропусков слова (не больше двух) в правильной форме. При отрицании правильная форма (don't, doesn't)

1. I [see] my grandparents once or twice a month. (see)
2. You [don't sound] French. (not sound)
3. How often [does] she [come] here? (come)
4. We're twins, but we [don't look] very similar. (not look)
5. They both [wear] glasses. (wear)
6. They [are] not Japanese! (to be)
7. [Do] your parents [like] your new boyfriend? (like)
8. We always [meet] in the same place. (meet)
9. He usually [orders] the same meal. (order)
10. We often [go] shopping together. (go)
11. He [is] so lazy! He never [does] any exercise! (to be, do)
12. I [don't like] this kind of music very much. (not like)
13. We [don't see] each other very often. (not see)

Задание №3. Исправьте ошибки в предложениях (1 предложение = 1 ошибка)

  • 1. Does your sister married? [[Is your sister married?]]
  • 2. Does your brother has any kids? [[Does your brother have any kids?]]
  • 3. He don't work any more. He's retired. [[He doesn't work any more. He's retired.]]
  • 4. Why you still live at home? [[Why do you still live at home?]]
  • 5. My brother and I go always to watch football on Saturdays. [[My brother and I always go to watch football on Saturdays.]]
  • 6. My sister's quite shy. She don't have many friends. [[My sister's quite shy. She doesn't have many friends.]]
  • 7. You get on OK with your uncle? [[Do you get on OK with your uncle?]]
  • 8. My brother work for my father's company. [[My brother works for my father's company.]]
  • 9. I eats fast food once or twice a week. [[I eat fast food once or twice a week.]]
  • 10. He's never late. He always arrive early. [[He's never late. He always arrives early.]]

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