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Тест по английскому языку The Gerund

  1. Lorna intended to help him   lending him some money.
    • while
    • through
    • on
  2. Janet was a wonderful dancer. I couldn't help   .
    • being impressed
    • to impress
    • to be impressed
  3. The child hurt her leg badly and started to complain   having severe pains in it.
    • of
    • about
    • at
  4. Where do you and your friends plan   for the next summer vacations?
    • going
    • to go
    • go
  5. I wish the weather would get better. I am tired   having to be indoors all the time.
    • of
    • at
    • about
  6. Peter, did you remember   the door? You are so absent-minded.
    • locking
    • lock
    • to lock
  7. I am not at all sure if Arthur is really interested   the truth.
    • to learn
    • learn
    • in learning
  8. Let's get together tonight. I want to talk about   a new business.
    • opening
    • to open
    • open
  9. He was suspected   concealing important information from the police.
    • of
    • at
    • in
  10. Agatha, would you mind   this letter on your way home?
    • mailing
    • being mailed
    • to mail
  11. Anne was able to keep the kids still   telling them an interesting story.
    • by
    • instead of
    • on
  12. I am sorry   having broken my promise.
    • of
    • for
    • about
  13. The comedy was hilarious, but somehow I didn't feel like   .
    • laugh
    • to laugh
    • laughing
  14. I am sorry I have forgotten   you my textbook. Can I have it back?
    • lending
    • to lend
    • lend
  15. I don't approve of your behavior. You'd better stop   with everybody.
    • to quarrel
    • quarreling
    • quarrel

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