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Тест по английскому языку Sequence of Tenses

  1. David told his friend that   his bicycle whenever he liked.
    • might he use
    • he had used
    • he might use
  2. Cindy was not sure if the delegation   or not, and she didn't know whom to ask about it.
    • arrived
    • was arriving
    • had arrived
  3. I told Sarah that Anne worked in a shoe shop, and she   that she didn't get enough money for her job.
    • had always been complaining
    • always was complaining
    • was always complaining
  4. Jerry believed that Sally   the book since Monday, but she had read only fifty pages so far.
    • had been reading
    • was reading
    • had read
  5. She explained that she   me her book; she should take it back to the library the next day.
    • couldn't give
    • is not able to give
    • can't give
  6. Alice explained to us that the flower shop   down the road.
    • had been situated
    • was situated
    • is situated
  7. She asked me about my schedule for the next week and I answered that I   it yet.
    • wouldn't know
    • didn't know
    • hadn't known
  8. My English teacher wanted to know   doing in my spare time.
    • what I enjoyed
    • what did I enjoy
    • what I had enjoyed
  9. The shop assistant showed me a book and said that the book   the museums of our town.
    • described
    • had described
    • was describing
  10. Mark replied he didn't think Jane   by the following Sunday yet.
    • would arrive
    • had arrived
    • would have arrived
  11. Lora wondered if   in town for the rest of the summer; she wanted him to go to the country with her.
    • her cousin is going to stay
    • was her cousin going to stay
    • her cousin was going to stay
  12. Sam asked Romeo what   with himself the entire Saturday.
    • would be he doing
    • would he be doing
    • he would be doing
  13. I knew Linda   around Europe for three months already.
    • had been travelling
    • had travelled
    • was travelling
  14. Tom said that he had been late for work that morning, and he added that he   before.
    • never had been late
    • had never been late
    • was never late
  15. Sheila said that she   the office earlier that day to get to the station in time.
    • would have to leave
    • had had to leave
    • had to leave

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