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Тест по английскому языку The Infinitive (complex object)

  1. Linda has never believed   any common sense.
    • her husband having
    • her husband to have had
    • her husband to have
  2. Mr. Bobkins had   him the necessary papers to sign.
    • his secretary bringing
    • his secretary to bring
    • his secretary bring
  3. Tim heard   and saw a woman appear in the doorway.
    • the floor boards to creak
    • the floor boards creak
    • the floor boards creaking
  4. Have you ever seen   in public places?
    • my daughter to misbehave
    • my daughter misbehave
    • my daughter to misbehaving
  5. The people on the platform watched   at the station.
    • the train arrive
    • the train to arrive
    • the train arrived
  6. Jeremy didn't want his daughter   an actress.
    • to have become
    • to become
    • become
  7. The last drop makes   .
    • the cup running over
    • the cup run over
    • the cups run over
  8. We looked at the sky and saw   in the clouds.
    • the plane to be disappearing
    • the plane to have disappeared
    • the plane disappear
  9. Have you ever known   on time? He has never been punctual.
    • him to be coming
    • him to come
    • he to come
  10. Let   whatever they want; I don't care.
    • they think
    • them to think
    • them think
  11. I am sorry I didn't hear   my name.
    • that you call
    • you to call
    • you call
  12. We expected   in ballroom dancing championships.
    • them take part
    • them to take part
    • they to take part
  13. I don't want   David. He will be angry.
    • you to be disturbed
    • you to disturb
    • that you disturb
  14. Why didn't you let   her own way?
    • her had
    • she have
    • her have
  15. Sally felt   to tremble.
    • her hands begin
    • her hands to begin
    • her hands to have begun

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