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Тест по английскому языку The Infinitive (with or without to)

  1. The aim of a good general is not to fight but   .
    • to win
    • win
  2. There is a new performance at the theatre. Why not   it?
    • see
    • to see
  3. He, who would catch fish, must not   getting wet.
    • mind
    • to mind
  4. It is enough to make a cat   .
    • laugh
    • to laugh
  5. There was a lot of traffic, but we managed   to the airport in time.
    • get
    • to get
  6. Samuel thought he'd better let sleeping dogs   .
    • lie
    • to lie
  7. Modern art is when you buy a picture   a hole in the wall and decide the hole is better.
    • to cover
    • cover
  8. I'm sick and tired of your boasting . If I were you, I should   it!
    • stop
    • to stop
  9. At first nobody liked him, but he turned out   quite decent.
    • to be
    • be
  10. Diplomacy is to do and   the nastiest things in the nicest way.
    • say
    • to say
  11. Do you know how   out of the building if there is a fire?
    • get
    • to get
  12. Theresa is sure   the appropriate translation of the phrase.
    • find
    • to find
  13. Lesley thought that he'd rather   the army than stay here having no job, no family.
    • join
    • to join
  14. You ought   the doctor's instructions if you don't want to fall ill again.
    • to follow
    • follow
  15. Destiny is not a thing   , it is a thing to be achieved.
    • be waited for
    • to be waited for

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