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Тест по английскому языку Word Order

  1. I think Ron is   .
    • either at the cinema or at the theatre
    • at the cinema or either at the theatre
    • at the cinema either or at the theatre
  2. It's getting late. Are   in the park
    • still the children playing
    • the children still playing
    • the children playing still
  3.   to come to his office, and he is the first to go home.
    • Jerry often is the last
    • Jerry is often the last
    • Jerry often the last is
  4. There   on TV. In fact there are less of them nowadays.
    • not enough are good films
    • are not enough good films
    • good films are not enough
  5. Let's go to another restaurant;   here.
    • there are too few vacant tables
    • are there too few vacant tables
    • there are few vacant tables too
  6. It was 9 o'clock in the evening, but   .
    • Stella yet was not at home
    • Stella was not at home yet
    • Stella was yet not at home
  7.   when I come home from work.
    • Usually I am very tired
    • I am very tired usually
    • I am usually very tired
  8. Sheila isn't a good driver; she is   .
    • not careful enough
    • careful not enough
    • enough not careful
  9. The rain   that it was impossible to go out.
    • so was strong
    • was strong
    • was so strong
  10. There are   on the ground this autumn as last year.
    • not so many leaves
    • so not many leaves
    • not such many leaves
  11. There was a big traffic jam downtown and   .
    • the cars moved slowly
    • the cars snowly moved
    • slowly the cars moved
  12. Sam took out his album because   .
    • he wanted to show us his photos
    • his photos he wanted to show us
    • to show us his photos he wanted
  13. Ask Ernest   at the weekend.
    • what he usually does
    • what usually he does
    • what does he usually do
  14. Who   to the theatre with?
    • did Jane go
    • Jane did go
    • Jane go
  15. Susan is a well-mannered girl;   .
    • is she always polite
    • always she is polite
    • she is always polite

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