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Тест по английскому языку Future Tenses

  1. Ask Tom if he   in the chess tournament next week.
    • will be taking part
    • will have taken part
    • takes part
    • will take part
  2. I don't know his address, but I   it for you, if you want it.
    • will have got
    • am getting
    • will get
    • will be getting
  3. Don't worry. I will switch off all the lights in the house when I   to bed.
    • will have gone
    • go
    • will go
    • will be going
  4. Lionel will come to London as soon as you   a place for him to stay.
    • will find
    • will have found
    • are going to find
    • have found
  5. Jason   Russian for two years before he leaves Russia.
    • will be learning
    • will have been learning
    • will learn
    • will have learnt
  6. Mother has given Sue some pocket money. But she is spending it very quickly. So, by the end of the week she   all of it.
    • will have spent
    • will have been spending
    • will spend
    • will be spending
  7. By the time you come home you   everything I have told you.
    • will have forgotten
    • will be forgetting
    • have forgotten
    • will forget
  8. She is in the country now and she   there for another week.
    • will have stayed
    • will stay
    • will have been staying
    • will be staying
  9. They   all the problems by the end of the meeting, I am afraid.
    • aren't settling
    • won't be settling
    • won't settle
    • won't have settled
  10. Did you write that letter to Jack? - Oh, I forgot. Thanks for reminding me. I   it in the evening.
    • will write
    • will have been writing
    • will have written
    • am writing
  11. John has bought this TV set on credit. He   all the money by the first of August.
    • will be paying
    • will pay
    • will have paid
    • is paying
  12. My parents are returning from Italy next Monday at 7 p.m. So this time next Monday I   them at the airport.
    • will be meeting
    • will meet
    • will have met
    • will have been meeting
  13. Susan   the house before her husband comes home.
    • won't be leaving
    • won't have left
    • won't have been leaving
    • won't leave
  14. When Jerry enters a Medical school he   Chemistry for more than four years.
    • will be studying
    • will have been studying
    • will have studied
    • will study
  15. My father is repairing our car. We hope that by Sunday he   it.
    • will be repairing
    • will have repaired
    • will repair
    • will have been repairing

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