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Тест по английскому языку Present Tenses

  1. Jack Strom has been a postman all his life; he   mail to homes and offices to the people of the town.
    • is delivering
    • has been delivering
    • delivers
    • has delivered
  2. As far as I know Mike   Italian for quite some time, but he still doesn't understand very much.
    • learns
    • has been learning
    • has learnt
    • is learning
  3. David is quite an athlete. He wants to be strong and healthy that's why he   every morning.
    • has been jogging
    • has jogged
    • jogs
    • is jogging
  4. Paul looks young for his age. He says he is 56 years old, but nobody   him.
    • believe
    • is not believing
    • believes
    • hasn't believed
  5. About 85 percent of American students   public schools, which are supported by state and local taxes.
    • have been attending
    • are attending
    • have attended
    • attend
  6. My mother is a medical nurse; she takes care of sick and old people. What   for a living?
    • has your mother done
    • is your mother doing
    • has your mother been doing
    • does your mother do
  7. I have just applied for a job in the local hospital, now I   for an answer from them.
    • have been waiting
    • wait
    • have waited
    • am waiting
  8. Excuse me I   a public telephone. Is there one near here?
    • have been looking for
    • look for
    • am looking for
    • have looked for
  9. Sara, my next door neighbour, has a car, but she   it very often.
    • hasn't been using
    • isn't using
    • doesn't use
    • hasn't used
  10. Her family   from town to town ever since she can remember.
    • is moving
    • has moved
    • has been moving
    • moves
  11. I think you   very weak. Don't get out of bed. You'll only make your temperature go up again.
    • are
    • are being
    • have been
    • were
  12. Willy   from his Uncle Alex since the latter immigrated to Canada.
    • does not hear
    • has not heard
    • have not heard
    • is not hearing
  13. Today the world   so rapidly; things never stay the same.
    • has been changing
    • changes
    • is changing
    • has changed
  14. A group of scientists are travelling around Africa. How many countries   so far, I wonder?
    • do they visit
    • they have visited
    • have they been visiting
    • have they visited
  15. Jake is a good footballer. Do you know since when   football?
    • has he been playing
    • is he playing
    • he plays
    • he has been playing

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