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Тест по английскому языку The Conditional Mood

  1. If we hadn't booked tickets in advance, we   good seats.
    • wouldn't get
    • wouldn't have got
    • won't get
  2. She started to sob and it looked as if her heart   .
    • broke
    • would break
    • had broken
  3. He looked at his watch and decided that it was time   another phone call.
    • he make
    • he would make
    • he made
  4. If the firefighters   the necessary skills, they wouldn't have been able to save the house.
    • wouldn't have
    • hadn't had
    • didn't have
  5. Sara didn't pay any attention to what I had told her to do. Oh, if she   my advice!
    • took
    • had taken
    • would have taken
  6. Paul is as cool as a cucumber. It is strange that he   in the fight.
    • got involved
    • should get involved
    • should have got involved
  7. We have been walking for two hours. I am so tired. If only we   a taxi!
    • should find
    • could find
    • had found
  8. I had no idea the trip to the jungle would be so dangerous. If only someone   me!
    • would have warned
    • would warn
    • had warned
  9. You'd better   this water; it might be infected.
    • not to drink
    • don't drink
    • not drink
  10. What do you think the man would do if he   someone was trying to pick his pocket?
    • would know
    • knew
    • knows
  11. The situation seems totally out of control. I wish there   a way out!
    • had been
    • were
    • be
  12. I'd love to visit London. Oh, if I   this chance!
    • have
    • had had
    • had
  13. It hasn't rained for at least two weeks. The flowers withered. If only it   every day!
    • had rained
    • rained
    • rains
  14. It might have been somebody he knew and wasn't afraid of, otherwise he   unawares, would he?
    • wouldn't be caught
    • shouldn't have been caught
    • wouldn't have been caught
  15. My husband would have been mad at me if I   his tools in their proper place.
    • wouldn't have put
    • hadn't put
    • didn't put

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