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Тест по английскому языку Degrees of Comparison

  1. Let's not go by train. Going by bus is   .
    • cheap
    • the most cheap
    • a lot cheaper
  2. The more you know   you forget. So why study?
    • the most
    • more
    • the more
  3. This building is very high. Actually it's   building in the town.
    • higher
    • more higher
    • the highest
  4. The dog started to run. It ran   and soon disappeared in the distance.
    • the fastest
    • faster and faster
    • the faster and the faster
  5. Peter, you are   than I thought you to be.
    • more lazier
    • as lazy as
    • even lazier
  6. Richard got   good marks than Fred in the examinations.
    • fewer
    • few
    • less
  7. Her illness was   than we at first had thought.
    • not as serious
    • the most serious
    • far more serious
  8. I like skiing   as skating.
    • as more
    • as much
    • more
  9. I can't walk very fast. You are younger; you can walk   .
    • fast
    • much faster
    • the fastest
  10. My elder brother is three years   than I.
    • the oldest
    • elder
    • older
  11. The traffic is   downtown than on this road, especially during rush hours.
    • the heaviest
    • heavy
    • heavier
  12. "This is   place to cross the street in," the policeman warned us.
    • the most dangerous
    • more dangerous
    • so dangerous
  13. This dress is   expensive than that one.
    • the least
    • a bit less
    • not so
  14. I want you to read   passage of the text.
    • next
    • the next
    • the nearest
  15. I don't know much but he knows   than I do.
    • less
    • even less
    • even little

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