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Тест по английскому языку The Infinitive

  1. She was horrified at herself. To have asked his name, to have been told his name and   it!
    • to be forgotten
    • to have forgotten
    • to have been forgotten
    • to forget
  2. The only way to get the best of an argument is   it.
    • to avoid
    • to be avoiding
    • to have been avoiding
    • to have avoided
  3. It's better to have loved and lost than never   at all.
    • to love
    • to be loved
    • to have been loved
    • to have loved
  4. He suddenly awoke from his trance; there was a decision   .
    • to have made
    • to be made
    • to make
    • to have been made
  5. No words can describe the fascination of the place. It must   .
    • have been seen
    • be seen
    • see
    • have seen
  6. I didn't want to join the dispute, so I pretended   .
    • to be reading
    • to have read
    • to read
    • to have been reading
  7. I hoped   you by phone, but I couldn't. Why didn't you pick up the receiver?
    • to have been reaching
    • to be reaching
    • to reach
    • to have reached
  8. Joan likes taking care of sick animals. She is pleased   this kind of work all the time.
    • to be doing
    • to have done
    • to have been doing
    • to do
  9. Jack is in his garage. He must   his car.
    • be repairing
    • have repaird
    • repair
    • have been repairing
  10. What did you come here for? It is mean of you   our holiday.
    • to have spoilt
    • to spoil
    • to be spoiling
    • to have been spoilt
  11. Good-bye! I am so pleased   you. - The pleasure is mine.
    • to meet
    • to be meeting
    • to have met
    • to have been meeting
  12. This work is easy; it may   by a child, if you ask me.
    • have been done
    • be done
    • be doing
    • have done
  13. Everything comes to him who knows how   .
    • to have been waiting
    • to have waited
    • to be waiting
    • to wait
  14. Don't disturb her. She went to bed very late. She may still   .
    • be sleeping
    • have been sleeping
    • sleep
    • have slept
  15. I am glad   to stay with them in their country-house.
    • to have been invited
    • to have invited
    • to be invited
    • to invite

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