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Тест по английскому языку Past Tenses

  1. Yesterday I came up to a stranger who looked like Jane Faster and started talking to her. But she wasn't Jane. It was clear I   a mistake.
    • had made
    • was making
    • made
    • had been making
  2. When I first   to England in 1938, I thought I knew English fairly well.
    • had come
    • was coming
    • had been coming
    • came
  3. Our neighbours called the police when they found out that somebody   into their house.
    • had broken
    • was breaking
    • had been breaking
    • broke
  4. He didn't see me as he was reading when I   into the room.
    • was coming
    • had been coming
    • came
    • had come
  5. Before I went to bed I decided to check the front door. I was sure my sister   it. And I was right!
    • hadn't locked
    • didn't lock
    • locked
    • had locked
  6. When Mary came back, she looked very red from the sun. She   in the sun too long.
    • had lain
    • lay
    • was lying
    • had been lying
  7. When Alice was small, she   of darkness and always slept with the light on.
    • was afraid
    • had been afraid
    • afraided
    • used to be afraid
  8. Suddenly they heard a strange noise and   at each other in horror.
    • were looking
    • had looked
    • looked
    • had been looking
  9. We   TV for ten minutes when the electricity went off.
    • were watching
    • had watched
    • had been watching
    • watched
  10. While the kids   in the garden, their mother was hurriedly cooking dinner.
    • had been playing
    • were playing
    • played
    • had played
  11. A strong wind   and I decided to put on a warm coat.
    • blew
    • had blown
    • was blowing
    • had been blowing
  12. I looked everywhere for my car keys and then I remembered that my son   the car to work.
    • took
    • had been taking
    • was taking
    • had taken
  13. In 1912 the Titanic   an iceberg on its first trip across the Atlantic, and it sank four hours later.
    • hit
    • had hit
    • had been hitting
    • was hitting
  14. Rescue workers   a man, a woman, and two children from cold rushing water.
    • were pulling
    • pulled
    • had pulled
    • had been pulling
  15. Mrs. Smith was busy last weekend because her grandchildren   with her.
    • had stayed
    • were staying
    • had been staying
    • stayed

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